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Nicky Faeth & Jonathan Goldstein — Minted

Nicky Faeth


Jonathan Goldstein


Chance Encounter turned Proposal

In 2020, a year or so after Jonathan and Nicky had officially become a couple, the pair were swapping stories of growing up in Los Angeles and the topic of waiting to get picked up by their moms at school arose. Suddenly, Nicky couldn’t get an image out of her head, and she shared how she was amazed by this one particular tall strikingly beautiful woman who used to sit in her car parked in the round about watching a large handheld T.V., a novelty that she had never seen before in the early eighties. Jonathan asked her to describe her more in detail and then suddenly went quiet. That woman that Nicky vividly described turned out to be his mother, Francine, who was gifted that portable T.V. from his father Charles, so she didn’t have to miss Oprah while waiting for her two sons to get tutored. What was equally significant was the fact that Jonathan and Nicky did not attend the same elementary school.

Thirty-one years later, on May 1st, 2021, Jonathan asked Nicky if they could make a quick stop before having a special lunch together at the Hotel Bel-Air on one of their client trips to LA. He said something to the effect that he promised to take a picture of her parent’s name that was on the wall of the Administration Building of her old elementary school for her mom Gilda. Upon arrival, it was quite clear that the security officer wasn’t allowing anyone on campus, especially not in the middle of a pandemic. If you know Jonathan, he will not take no for an answer! Nicky couldn’t figure out why Jonathan had become so displeased by the whole situation that she even snapped this picture. After nearly thirty minutes and multiple attempts, Jonathan returned to the car and started breaking out into a cold sweat.

As a last resort, Nicky suggested mentioning a name to the security guard – Jeffery Alpert, who just so happened to turn out to be his boss. Jonathan, now a complete nervous wreck, made Nicky promise she would follow him and the security guard straight into the Administration building, take the photo, and leave as quickly as possible since they had been finally granted access.

Upon descending onto campus, however, Jonathan appeared to be perplexed and quickly headed into a completely different direction. He pointed out that the flagpole (which used to be front and center of the campus) was now in a different location and insisted that she go see whose name is listed on the plaque of the flagpole.

Nicky, utterly confused, read all the words nervously on the plaque with the security guard standing there watching every move, and then turned around to find Jonathan down on one knee with the most gorgeous ring she had ever seen! Nicky immediately burst into tears of joy and knew at that exact moment that Jonathan was truly the one God had in mind just for her. All those years had been worth the wait for her one and only true love.